An old book on my bookshelf always brings a smile and loads of memories back to me just like an old photograph! After all, for most of us, books are not just set of pages. They are friends from the past – recent and not so recent – but friends we can barely let go of.

So a lot of us have bookshelves at home filled with tens and hundreds of books. They are stacked in cartons, filling up the lofts and spilling over everywhere. But all of us are proud of our books; treasure them as our friends, love them so much as they reflect our life journey and how our interests have changed over time.  Our bookshelves have books that we read once and plan to read again some other time. Then there are books that we want our children to read and so we keep them. There are some books that were referred to by friends as ‘must read’ and we did! And then there are books lying on our shelves because we want to show the world, what we read!

  • Is not a book lying in a book shelf missing out on the core essence of its existence?
  • Do we not wish that someone enjoys the book as much as we did reading it?
  • Is it not true that most books on our book shelves lying there for no reason

What we realized is that most people answer Yes to questions above. But the books are just lying there either because we find it difficult to part with them unless we find a ‘worthy’ reader-keeper or we are just lazy to clean up.

So, what is Set Books Free?

It is an experiment where book lovers, who want to share their joy of reading a book with the world create a ‘pay-it-forward’ cycle of giving.  All it needs for us is to take a good hard and loving look at the bookshelves to  pick up books we lovelabel them and set them free for the world as a gift!  The idea is books labeled ‘Set Books Free’ should NEVER lie idle on any bookshelf and are continuously passed forward.

You might get a book through a friend, friends friend or a complete stranger and give a book the same way. New books get added as more people are inspired to give. Bookshelves get space for newer books, some bought and some received as gifts through Set Books Free! As a friend suggested this is ‘read-cycling’ : Helps reduce number of books to be bought just to read once, creates a cycle of book lovers and everyone discovers the joy of sharing something that we love!

Read more about it in our FAQs.

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